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Recorded and Mixed by Amaury Sauvé @ La Senelle
Mastered by Dan Countant @ Sun Room Audio

Released on tapes, 50 copies

Thank you very much for your interest

Next Gigs :

22/10/2015 : need help Angers
23/10/2015 : Strasbourg
24/10/2015 : need help (de)
25/10/2015 : Chodov
26/10/2015 : TBA
27/10/2015 : Hradec
28/10/2015 : TBA
29/10/2015 : TBA
30/10/2015 : TBA
31/10/2015 : Lille

Past Gigs :

29/12/2014 : Laval (l'antr' 2) w. Contwig, Cyclamen, Flo Chmod
29/10/2014 : Le Mans (la source) w. Geranium, Paramnesia
17/05/2014 : Bailleul (59 Fest, Le Barabao) w. Maradona, Bad Taste, Fate Of The World, Slice Of Life, Kill For Peace
02/05/2014 : Angers (Café Latin) w. Celeste, Comity, Revok
04/04/2014 : Angers (Café Latin) w. Mon Autre Groupe, Calvaiire, Bien à Toi
28/03/2014 : Le Mans (Le Lezard) w. Direwolves
25/01/2014 : Laval (l'Antr'2) w. Fall of Messiah, I am a Curse, Mont-Doré
24/01/2014 : Lorient (le Galion) w. Taste The Void, Mont-Doré
29/11/2013 : Laval (l'Antr'2) w. We Came Out Like Tigers, Cyclamen

TOUR w. The Brutal Deceiver
26/10/2013 : Nantes – Fr (la scène Michelet) w. Abraham, Healing
27/10/2013 : Tulle – Fr (route de Maure)
28/10/2013 : Bordeaux – Fr (l'Oukaze)
30/10/2013 : Burgos – Sp (Plaza Nueva)
31/10/2013 : Madrid – Sp (Hangar19) w. Eros + Massacre
01/11/2013 : Murcia – Sp (Sala Jo) w. Dias de Gloria, Human Sacrifice

30/08/2013 : Laval (l'Antr'2) w. RLHT, Taste the Void, POM, Discorde
29/06/2013 : Laval (l'Antr'2) w. Death Engine, Piece of Map
09/03/2013 : Brest (Espace Léo Ferré) w. Burning Bright, Exhaustion, Direwolves
27/02/2013 : Paris (Le Lautrec) w. Man is not a Bird, Ours Blond
05/01/2013 : Laval (l'Antr'2) w. Man is not a Bird, Discorde, Piece of Map

TOUR w. Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines
26/10/2012 : Reims – Fr (l’Ecluse) w. members of 23 bands
27/10/2012 : Belle – Fr (Hard Moute Cafe) w. fall of messiah, drawbacks
29/10/2012 : Leiden – Nl (SUB071)
30/10/2012 : Chemnitz – De (Subway To Peter)
31/10/2012 : Leipzig – De (Atari)
01/11/2012 : Gliwice – Pl (CKN 13) w. emma goldman
02/11/2012 : Hradec Králové – Cz (Hudebni Klub 4)
03/11/2012 : Wien – At (EKH) w. deer in the headlights, black sails
04/11/2012 : Bratislava – Sk (Obluda)
05/11/2012 : Pécs – Hu (Strausz Ti-ti-tá) w. black hourglass
06/11/2012 : Rijeka – Hr (Podrum)
07/11/2012 : Zagreb – Hr (Medika) w. hesperian death horse
08/11/2012 : Szombathely – Hu (Rehearsal Squat Local) w. youth violence
09/11/2012 : Mannheim – De (JUZ) w. burn it out
10/11/2012 : Nancy – Fr (Caveau du Grand Sauvoy) w. fracture, shaid

06/10/2012 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. nous danserons sur vos ruines
15/06/2012 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. mon autre groupe, the forks, puzzle, une charogne
18/05/2012 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. wake the dead, direwolves, discorde
30/03/2012 : Evron (la Boule d’Or) w. flying whales
23/03/2012 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. maladroit, rabhas
17/02/2012 : Laval (Quenn’s Bar) w. birds in row, calvaiire
02/12/2011 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. nobody's straight, flying whales
19/11/2011 : Laval (Queen’s Bar) w. the rodeo idiot engine, as we draw


released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


WAITC Laval, France

We are a three piece band from Laval, Fr. Don't hesitate to contact us at

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Track Name: Melmoth
I never want to wake up by the constraint. This path is my hell the smile of my burden weighs on my shoulders. My body is still strong but my conscious weakens. Natural light has never been stronger this time.
Track Name: Il n'y a pas de ciel
Put the rationality in a coffin, give up all ideals to build a mirage.
Being lost in the woods like wild undergrounds.
Here is my motto.
Track Name: Everyone stands under his own dome of heaven
Drown silently in the icy waters of ignorance. My face caress by ashes of a distant past carried by the wind. Has strength to achieve illusions my arms melt slowly. Ghostly I disappear.
Track Name: Le reste est silence
The majestic bridges stand before you. But you turn your head and you
look at this walkway some boards are broken and the road ahead may be difficult, but it is clear. You know that if you fall, a helping hand will
catch you before you hit the ground.
Track Name: Volition morte
The tree is on fire and some birds can not escape, like a captain they dont leave their nauvrage boat. They clung to what they had, even if it made them sad, they can fly out of the tree burn.